I got the InStyler Large 1 1/4″ barrel a couple of months ago, I usually always like to try products out before saying that I like them, or don’t, whatever, you know an honest review. I normally use a CHI flat iron to straighten and curl my hair/extensions, I always have and no matter how many curlers I bought I always went back to my straightener to curl. 

But, like  other ladies out there, I too wanted pretty waves, or MORE VOLUME! So, I was excited to try this product because they claim MORE VOLUME. 

On the instyler large 1 1/4″ the barrel itself, actually rotates while you clamp it closed to brush hair, control frizz, and help achieve high volume. This one, the barrel rotates left and right! The Barrrel has tourmaline ceramic to help keep hair smooth and polished (being a blonde damaged / crunchy hair is common) preventing damage.

When you want smooth, straight hair, you have to set the barrel in the direction to rotate downwards from roots towards tips of hair. I struggled with this because, I don’t know I guess I’m a little slow and had to think, “ok what direction is it moving in, wait, is it going in the right direction? WAIT AHHH.” But once I got it down, the hair was soft, shiny and super straight, I was impressed, honestly. My hair did NOT feel dry at all, and It sure did have a shine. OH I forgot to mention, my hair, I know this is hard to believe but, my hair is extremely curly, wavy, frizzy. I have been straightening my hair since, middle schooL? Maybe even sooner! So, I can be a bit of a snob as far as straighteners go, it better make my hair straight, or I’m going to be pissed. HA.

Adding Volume was quite easy, you would have the barrel rotating in the opposite direction, almost as if it were backcombing, right at the crown of the head. This, would create a lot of volume that would stay most of the day, without having to actually backcomb and damage the hair. I would always hair spray, just to make sure waves and volume stayed put.

Since the barrel itself, got pretty darn hot, when you wanted curls or beach waves, you would just wrap your hair around the barrel and hold for a few seconds. When hair was released from barrel you had such a pretty wave! I loved it. If you wrapped your hair around barrel then held it shut so barrel was rotating, thats how I got these waves/curls.


It was such a bummer too because I wasn’t really going anywhere. What a waste of a good hair day.

When purchased, you get a little mat to set the straightener on so it does not burn your countertops (which I made the mistake of not using ), and It also comes wit a removable cool tip ( I still don’t really know what this is for hahaha)

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a new hair tool that sort of does it all. The down side is the rotating barrel can be kind of loud, the rotating barrel to me, I kept getting mixed up as to which direction it needed to be spinning in, and, other than that, No other cons.

Would I purchase this product again or for a friend? YES. I would honestly.

If you are interested in purchasing this product you could do so on their website


Also, just in case anyone asks, YES I use clip in extensions, my hair is to my shoulders, about. I have been using the my fantasy hair, clip ins for about a year now and I love them. Ive dyed them, wrecked them, treated them poorly and they’ve never let me down. haha. You can purchase them here:


ALSO, they have been kind and gave me an awesome discount code, if you use code “bailey” at check out you get a little discount off your purchase. Gotta love a discount!

Thank you for stopping BY XOXO




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